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Gentles on the pocket
Graeme Gentles at the Corneal and Lens Centre has a range of inclusive packages and payment schemes to make life simple:

Our ‘Gentles on the pocket’ scheme is designed to make payment as easy and as painless as possible. Our all-inclusive package offers clients the easiest solution to buy and wear quality contact lenses. From the delivery of new lenses from world’s most innovative manufacturers including Johnson & Johnson, Bausch & Lomb and CibaVision to cleaning solutions and accessories Graeme Gentles offers low cost packages to suit every pocket.

The Contact and Corneal Lens Centre offers a highly personal service and best advice on all aspects of contact lens fitting and wear. Not all people are suitable for lenses but through trial and specialist fitting our success rate is a remarkable 97%.

We deal with some of the biggest brands and laboratories in Europe to bring you state of the art hi-tec lenses and expert fitting.

New Patient Introductory Price List includes aftercare
Daily Disposables £15.83 per 30 sets
Monthly Soft Lenses
£8.90 per month [Includes solutions & replacements]
Monthly Soft Toric Lenses
£11.90 per month [Includes solutions & replacements]
Rigid Gas Permeable
£79.00 per set.

Tinted soft lenses including solutions
3 sets £39.00

*Each set can last up to one month if used every day or up to three months if used once or twice per week

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