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Types of Contact lenses

Daily wear contact lenses –
Fresh pair every day.

Insert your new pair of contact lenses in the morning and chuck them in the bin at the end of the day. No cleaning solutions, no hassle, no worries. Ideal for every day wear and now available in prescriptions for astigmatism, multi-focals and tinted lenses.

Monthly Disposable lenses

No deposits and great value
Changing your lenses on a regular basis means that deposits do not build up, your vision remains clear, your lenses are comfortable and the potential for eye infection is greatly reduced.

Round the clock wear.
All day and all of the night.

Who would have believed it? One month of continuous contact lens wear is now reality. These new state of the art lenses offer the convenience of round the clock wear – [day and night] wear with pin sharp vision and total comfort.

Gas permeable contact lenses

Made of rigid materials which allow the eye to breathe, gas permeable lenses are ideal for patients with complicated prescriptions or patients with certain types of astigmatism.

Specialist contact lenses

Ask for details of our specialist ranges.

Tinted contact lenses –
Making eyes at someone?

Tinted lenses suit just about all prescriptions and eye colours and the results can be stunning.

Comfortable and more affordable (now from just around £5 a pair) they have a dramatic yet natural effect for males and females.

Important: Before you visit us it will be helpful if you have your current lens prescription with you. You should have a copy from your last eye-test, if not you can request one free of charge from your previous optician if he or she did the test.

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